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Courtland Wilson graduated from Highlands Ranch High School in May of 2005, and within 30 days of his HS graduation he was on his way to Army basic training in Fort Benning, GA.

After graduating Army Infantry and Airborne School, Courtland was stationed in Schweinfurt, Germany and was assigned to Bravo Company 1-18 IN, 1st Infantry Division – The Big Red One. His unit deployed to Ramadi, Iraq in late 2006 for a 15 month deployment during “The Surge” (the bloodiest time period of the Iraq War). During this deployment, his unit conducted hundreds of foot patrols, countless urban raids, a dozen High Value Target raids with NSW personnel (SEAL Team 5), and multiple humanitarian missions providing food, water, electricity, and jobs to the local population.

After returning from Ramadi, Courtland’s unit was reflagged to 172nd Infantry Brigade and deployed to Iraq again in 2009 for a 12 month deployment in the Diyala Province near the Iranian border.

His roles included Rifleman, SAW Gunner, AG Gunner, Jump Gunner for M2 Bradleys, HMVEE Driver and Gunner, and team leader.

Courtland departed the Army in February 2010, and shortly after enrolled at MSU Denver and studied journalism with an emphasis on photojournalism. After earning his degree, Courtland started a wedding photography company and has since then photographed over 180 weddings. He now lives in Sacramento, CA with his wife, Whitney, and their three dogs.

Bio written Nov 2022